August 19, 2018

You can still Get Windows XP on a new computer

Are you one of the businesses wanting to avoid Vista?

GREAT NEWS: Some major online sellers have Windows XP available on new systems.  Note that you may have to buy a business class computer that is approximately the same price for similar performance consumer computers.

Dell has XP available on notebooks as a FREE "downgrade" option.  The downgrade option essentially means that you select XP as your operating system.  Originally, this was an extra charge but sales may have had some bumps that made the change happen.  Also, consider Toshiba, HP, Lenovo, and other major manufacturers.

NOTE: You probably will NOT find a Windows XP computer at a retail store.

Windows XP availability should be great news for those small businesses that do not want to start moving to a Vista operating system at their work place.

Another Option: Buy a Mac. I wish I had bought a Mac instead of the crippled extra Vista notebook I currently have.  Mac’s sales have jumped dramatically – especially in the business sector where Mac has not pursued heavily.

Give us your comments about your Vista experiences or your computer purchase with the Vista to XP downgrade option.


  1. Can you use a mac and xp on the same computer network, or are you recommending a mac for notebooks?

  2. @jason: You could use a Mac on a Windows based network but it would have some special challenges. You would need to have somebody familiar with Microsoft/Mac network interactions to do it well. Having a Mac notebook that primarily moves information on the Internet instead of a local network/server can work quite well. In some cases, accounting systems and other typically server based applications may be web based and may work fine with a Mac notebook.

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