September 18, 2018

Internet Marketing

Over 95% of companies are not optimizing their web site to drive sales leads and business success.  How many opportunities has your company missed because your internet marketing is less effective than it should be?

Are you surprised your web designer is not a marketing expert?  Don’t be, that’s not what they are paid to do.  Marketing and web design are two different jobs.  Marketing focuses on growing your business with online sales leads.

Training Workshops

  • Web Based Marketing to Drive Sales Leads – 4 hour session for Chambers of Commerce
  • Online Advertising: Using Google Adwords and Facebook Ads to Drive Sales
  • Setting Up Google Analytics to Track Website Performance
  • Writing Content for Improved Online Visibility
  • Increasing Online Sales Lead Conversions

Consulting Services

  • Website Assessment. Identify opportunities you are missing and provide recommended improvements.
  • Website Optimization. Improve your performance for sales leads and online visibility.
  • Online Advertising. Drive highly targeted traffic using Google Adwords or Facebook Ads.
    • Facebook Ads can be targeted by location, age, gender, and what a person likes.
    • Google Adwords can be targeted by location and keyword phrase.  Google Ads allows extremely detailed analysis and a recommendation system for increasing ad performance.
    • Bing/Yahoo! Ads may be more valuable in certain situations.
  • Facebook Development. Not a hobbyist, not a theorist, but a practitioner.  Most Facebook “experts” started training & advising before setting up a single business page.  Don’t depend on amateurs for your business success!
    • Facebook Business Page Setup, Optimization, & Training.
    • Improvement recommendations to drive traffic, interest, and sharing.
    • Custom Tab Design for Specialized Content like promotions, new products, and contests.
  • Website Implementation. If you need a high performance website that is geared toward your business needs instead of a designer’s quirky interests, give us a call.  We provide easy to update, easy to maintain websites that are flexible for future growth.
    • Introductory website with full online visibility.
    • E-commerce implementation with product visibility optimization.
    • Marketing planning that helps you create sales leads online and offline.
    • Large scale implementation, website transfer, or building from the ground up.

Potential Benefits of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing techniques can drive new sales, find new markets, and even define demand for products and services your company has never thought of.  With a strategic business website, your sales or marketing manager can find out what copy (wording) sells best and the regions where demand is highest for your type of product or service.  Using internet channels can also reduce office processing effort and make the sales process smoother.

Excuses vs Real World Improvements

There are several companies that don’t believe their website is not working as well as it could be.  With a single one day assessment, you can find out what works and what doesn’t work for your website.  Here are some common excuses for not improving a website along with improvements that were made:

  • I already have a website and I think it works OK.
    • A central Arkansas company said that their website did not produce sales leads and that nothing could be done.  I suggested that they added a specific call to action and a quick quote request form.  Their boss said “That’s stupid – that won’t work.”  The boss  called 2 weeks later excited that they were getting sales leads every day…and they had never got a single online sales lead in the past 3 years!
  • A website wouldn’t work in my industry.
    • A struggling transportation company said they would be closing in 6 months if sales didn’t pick up.  Plus, “nobody buys online in the transportation industry” they said.  After creating a new website, a majority of their sales leads came through the website and prevented them from going out of business.
  • We already pay a lot for our existing site.
    • A highly specialized company with strong financial performance spent over $80,000 with a west coast designer on a new website.  It was beautiful, but did not have any visitors.  Their ROBOTS.TXT file was blocking all search engines.  After removing a single character, the “*”, their site visits jumped dramatically in just one week.
  • Our website is new so it is probably in good shape.
    • Sadly, this is wrong in over 95% of the websites we evaluate.  An organization spent months and nearly ten thousand dollars getting a community based website built for them.  The website was broken in multiple ways and was invisible to search engines.  The core needs of the community were unfulfilled.  The best fix possible was to start over and build a site that served the needs of the community.

Example Projects

  • Websites
    • Built large scale websites, some with over 1,000 pages and more than 18,000 visitors in a single month.
    • Built multiple event websites in just 2 days.  The event websites were designed to drive interest and gather traditional advertising impact using Google Analytics and custom website addresses.
  • E-Commerce Systems
    • Built e-commerce platforms with payment processing and automation in multiple systems.
    • Configured Google Shopping to automatically list products for free in the Google system.
    • Advised on e-commerce optimization to increase sales conversion and trust from potential customers.
  • Facebook
    • Built and managed over 25 Facebook Business Pages.
    • Advised multiple companies on optimal image, posting times, and other techniques to improve performance.
  • Online Advertising
    • $1000s of Facebook Ads to drive sales leads & boost fan base.
    • Facebook Ads that drove 1000s of website visits and over 10 million impressions.
    • Google Adwords Ads that drove 1000s of website visitors to new websites.
    • $1000s of Google Adwords Ads to drive sales leads, sign-ups, and online purchases.

Companies We’ve Worked With

  • Parks Brothers Farm – the largest greenhouse grower in Arkansas
  • Sun City Solar Energy – multi-state solar energy system franchise
  • Jim White Realty – mid-sized real estate office in west Arkansas
  • Alma Chamber of Commerce
  • Van Buren Chamber of Commerce
  • Sassy Jones BBQ
  • R&R Truck & Trailer
  • Bost Manufacturing
  • Strong Manufacturing
  • Mandy’s Custom Windows
  • Arkansas Green Industry Association
  • Cavanaugh Free Will Baptist Church
  • Rick’s Ribhouse
  • Sigma 3 Survival School
  • Sweetique Premium Chocolate Specialties
  • Webster University Fort Smith


We can provide price estimates based upon the complexity of your project, your available information, and how much time you can assist in the process.  If in doubt, or just curious, send an e-mail or give us a call to see what’s possible.

Contact us for a budgetary quote for your project.