August 19, 2018


What you should know about JUNE 30TH, 2008.

Microsoft will stop retail sales of the popular and stable Windows XP operating system on June 30th.  You may have already heard about Vista difficulties and the more expensive hardware requirements compared to Windows XP.  I have had several clients ask me if there is any way they can find a new computer with XP pre-installed instead of Vista.  Yes you can – if you buy your new systems online.  Dell, Toshiba, Sony, HP/Compaq, and Lenovo (was IBM) business class machine are available online with XP pre-installed.  However, traditional retailers are unlikely to have XP computers available.

Buying Vista is not horrible, it just takes more effort to get things back to normal after adding a new Vista computer.  A little preparation and a lot of patience is what you need if you decide to start moving to Vista this year.


  1. Greetings,

    We are starting to see fewer models from all of the manufacturers offered with the downgrade media to XP.

    Vista’s getting better. We’ve been playing with Ultimate on the new HP’s and for the most part it runs well.



  2. Good point Rick.

    I have heard some people are having more success with the higher versions of Vista and have recommended avoiding Vista Home Basic if at all possible. One person mentioned that some low end desktops will offer Windows XP until 2010, but few people are getting “low end desktops” any more.

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